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Mailster Cron Job Service

We strongly recommend to setup a cron job for each Mailster installation to ensure a timely delivery of the mailing list messages. If this is not done there might be significant delays in the email delivery.

Why is that?

Mailster is a part of Joomla which is a PHP based web application. That means: it can not act/run without being triggered and it can not run forever when triggered. This is a technical limitation coming from PHP, not from Mailster or Joomla.

Triggering means that somebody accesses the site. During the page load Mailster is handling the jobs to do (mail retrieving/sending). Thus mails can only be send/retrieved when somebody is browsing your site, otherwise the delivery is delayed or never done. As your site might not be browsed every few minutes 24x7 we recommend you to use a cron job that opens the site periodically (e.g. by a command-line tool like wget).

If this is a problem in your server environment you can have us host your cron job with one of the following services. Many of our product lines already include 1 year of cron job service. If you run more sites or need a more frequent cron job to ensure a timely delivery also with large lists you can purchase more cron job services below.

Basic Cron Job Service


€ 15.00 / year +VAT


  • Cron job runs every 15 minutes
  • 4 executions per hour
  • 1 year service time


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Power Cron Job Service


€ 25.00 / year +VAT


  • Cron job runs every 5 minutes
  • 12 executions per hour
  • 1 year service time


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Sprint Cron Job Service


€ 85.00 / year +VAT


  • Cron job runs every minute
  • 60 executions per hour
  • 1 year service time


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What is Mailster?


  • Mailing lists for beginners
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First Setup


  • Setting up a list
  • Step by step
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List Settings


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  • Why you need cronjobs
  • Ensure timely email delivery
  • How to set them up


Cron Setup



  • Subscriber form in articles
  • Customizing the sign-up
  • Subscriber modules


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Email Archive


  • Show emails in frontend
  • Thread view
  • Chronological view





  • Community Builder plugin
  • Synchronize subscribers
  • Connect to fields





  • How to help us to help you
  • Enable debug logging
  • Create a log file


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