1.7.8 Bugfix Release (January 20th, 2023)

Mailster v1.7.8 fixes one bug: emails without TO recipient(s) are supported


  • Email without TO recipient will not stop email(s) from being retrieved from the mailing list inbox

1.7.7 Bugfix Release (January 1st, 2023)

Mailster v1.7.7 fixes a few issues.

Most notably, it fixes a bug that was displayed as "1366 Incorrect string value".
This came down to the combination of email content (containing emojis and/or special text characters) with a MySQL database with an inadequate collation setting (or at least for the Mailster tables).
That means a database that is not set up in a way that it can store "new characters" like Emojis. Mailster v1.7.7 automatically fixes/adjusts the database tables to whatever the Joomla content title is configured to use for the collation. This usually means that emojis etc. are then supported and the error is gone.


  • Update Html2Text library
  • Changing install script to use utf8mb4 instead of utf8 for the default character set


  • Fix for better SMTP debugging
  • Fix issue when no iconv functionality is available for charset conversion
  • Fix issue to automatically use the core's DB field collation (of content.title) for Mailster's content fields.
    This should prevent the MySQL error "1366 Incorrect string value" when emojis and other utf8mb4 characters are used and the database collation is/was still utf8.
  • Do not show unmoderated view in frontend (chronological email view)
  • Remove irrelevant code

1.7.6 Bugfix Release (November 2nd, 2022)

Mailster v1.7.6 fixes a few issues.


  • Improve compatibility with PHP 8
  • Introduce dummy-updateservers to please the Joomla 3.10 update checker ("Pre-Update Check for Joomla 4.x")


  • Servers can be deleted again
  • Do not render user view when no user record found
  • Digest sending mechanism does not produce PHP warning

1.7.5 Bugfix Release (August 9th, 2022)

Mailster v1.75 brings a bucket of bug fixes including fixing some remaining issues with Joomla 4.


  • Improve compatibility with Joomla 4 (custom HTML header/footer shows the configured WYSIWYG editor)


  • Fix: storing of attachments with long MIME subtypes (e.g. VND.OPENXMLFORMATS-OFFICEDOCUMENT.WORDPROCESSINGML.DOCUMENT) is supported and will not crash mail retrieving
  • Make sure failure to open the log file will not crash the process
  • Omit PHP warnings like "DOMDocument::loadHTML(): Tag o:p invalid in Entity"
  • Fix warning messages about attachment/email size
  • Fix incompatibility issues with Joomla 4 (JArrayHelper VS ArrayHelper)

1.7.4 Bugfix Release (June 13th, 2022)

Mailster v1.7.4 brings many important bugfixes.


  • Add notification type "New moderated email" (pro editions)


  • Improve styling in Joomla 4 (email archive status of emails)


  • Fix mailing list settings tab(s)
  • Fix handling of certain binary attachments
  • Fix issue in subscribe / unsubscribe forms in the URL rewrite mode
  • Fix to hide inactive lists from subscribe/unsubscribe modules
  • Fix situations where subscriber plugin / module were not working
  • Fix for moderation mode: bounced/blocked/filtered emails will not produce a moderation request
  • Maintenance to remove connections of Mailster groups based on Joomla groups which were removed at some point

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