• Approach to deal with hosters with a DMARC policy "reject" setting
  • Business and Ultimate Edition: Moderation mode added
  • Updates are now delivered through the Joomla Extensions Manager


  • Mail server host names and special connection parameters can be up to 255 characters long
  • Speed optimization for email threads view in the frontend
  • Disable the opportunistic TLS (in more recent PHPMailer libraries) to avoid intransparent error messages
  • Indicate pending (because of double opt-in) subscription/unsubscription in frontend profile
  • Various user interface improvements in the backend


  • Security fix to avoid the emails to show up in frontend archive
  • Double Opt-in subscribe/unsubscribe works again
  • Mailster configuration can be accessed again with Joomla 2.5
  • Orphan digests (i.e. where the user was removed) are automatically removed and do not cause a warning
  • Replace {name} placeholder in footer/header with the name on file if the FROM name field is empty
  • Minor database format correction
  • "Select all" works in digests list
  • Catch exceptions coming from Joomla when logging fails due to unknown reasons
  • Restrict maximum email address and user name length to 191 characters (previously 255) to fit with max-column/index length of 767 bytes in utf8mb4 context

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