• Compatibility with Joomla 3.4 - this version of Mailster is still Joomla 1.5 compatible
  • Business and Ultimate Edition: CB Plugin becomes compatible with Community Builder 2.0
  • Business and Ultimate Edition: Frontend access to the emails of certain mailing lists can be forbidden with the new "Nobody" choice in the "Allowed to access emails in frontend" mailing list setting
  • New global configuration setting to block certain email addresses such as typical bounce email addresses which can not be recognized automatically based on their email headers
  • Insert sender's description (Mailster field) into email by using new placeholder {description}
  • Possibility to turn off the filtering of messages with "Precedence: bulk" header


  • Increased maximum email text size (not including attachments) that can be stored from 64kB to 16MB to avoid truncation of long and HTML-rich newsletters
  • Relative images/link URLs in custom email/footer are automatically converted to absolute URLs
  • Additions to French and Danish language file and various other language/translation corrections
  • Do not allow to downgrade Mailster from a later release to a previous release to avoid unforeseen events
  • Profile Plugin propagates group member changes done through Joomla's user manager to update mailing lists recipient cache if necessary
  • Business and Ultimate Edition: CB Plugin propagates email address changes to update mailing lists recipient cache if necessary


  • Recipient lists are built correctly from Joomla user group members
  • Digest emails do not delay sending of regular list emails
  • Fixed digest email sending error causing white screen
  • Search plugin adheres to "Allowed to access emails in frontend" mailing list setting
  • Admin can remove individual recipients from mailing lists
  • Admin can remove individual members from Mailster groups
  • Fixed error caused by non standard conform email structures with strange attachment filename headers
  • Business and Ultimate Edition: CB Plugin does not inadvertently unsubscribe list members when user edits profile in frontend
  • Non-compatible plugins & modules are uninstalled automatically when upgrading the component
  • Plugins and modules are uninstalled when component is uninstalled
  • Database tables are removed when component is uninstalled

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