• Sender permission choice added (options: admin only, recipients only, all)
  • CSV user import (Name, Email), direct import into group or mailing lists possible
  • Reply only to sender added (optional)
  • Copy to sender added (optional)
  • Custom mail headers, footers and subjects possible
  • French translation added, big thanks to Gilles Bonnet, now available in EN, DE and FR


  • Optimizations for larger mailing lists, improved reliability and performance
  • Start Center revised (new plugin information e.g. last inbox check, new+bigger icons)
  • Inbox and Sender Connection Check provide better feedback (more detailed error messages)
  • Subscriber Plugin: added hideList parameter (e.g. hideList:yes) for unsubscribe forms
  • Subscriber Plugin: multiple (un)subscriber forms per article
  • Mail archive: filtering by mailing list through dropdown
  • Integration of diagnosis view for more efficient communication with support
  • "Powered by..." Footer will be removed in answers
  • Renamed Public List to Public Registration setting (= login required for subscribing y/n)


  • Resolves special character issue with quoted-printable mails
  • Resolves HTML conversion issue with non-multipart HTML mails
  • Inbox and Sender Connection Check work with magic_quotes_gpc = On, thanks Gilles!
  • Block registration attempts when registration is disabled
  • No login problems with active debug mode (mail plugin)
  • Remove all foreign key relationships on deletes
  • Group Creation works with Internet Explorer
  • No duplicate recipients with Internet Explorer

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