• HTML email support
  • New reply mode: Reply to sender and optional to list (with reply-to-all)
  • New addressing mode: CC (carbon copy)
  • Subscribe/Unsubscribe Module added
  • New: clean up subject and option for fix reply subject prefixes
  • Option to only trigger mail retrieving/sending with backend activity
  • Unsubscribe link can be included in email header or footer
  • Pro. Edition: Dedicated cronjob mode, page loads are not delayed
  • Pro. Edition: Option to not archive the sent emails
  • Pro. Edition: Configurable event notifies (new mail, blocked mail, user subscribe, ...)
  • Pro. Edition: Configurable mail filter against spam or automated replies
  • Pro. Edition: Captcha for subscriber form using reCAPTCHA
  • Pro. Edition: Convert all emails to plain text or leave them in original format
  • Pro. Edition: Append/discard plain text version of HTML email
  • Copy mailing lists (settings)
  • Optional automatic subject cleaning
  • Re-enqueue blocked mails


  • Added standard mailing list headers and optional fixed header field for filter purposes
  • Out-of-office autoreplies are avoided through additional precedence header
  • Bounces (auto replies) can be sent to another address
  • Reduced minimum PHP version requirement to 5.0 by replacing functions
  • Mails are correctly threaded in GMail and elsewhere
  • Link to force email retrieving/sending ("Reset" in Start Center)
  • Support for emails/names longer than 45 characters
  • Option to load local Javascript framework instead of Google API version
  • Changed update (install) behavior: all mailing lists are deactivated
  • Changed uninstall behavior: tables are also dropped
  • Changed text variables for a more reliable replacement: e.g. {list} instead of @list
  • Added mailing list tools section for solving problems like stuck/blocking mails
  • Subscribe form can be hidden when user is already subscribed, unsubscribe form when not yet subscribed
  • "Parameters" view moved to a dedicated main menu entry: "Configuration"
  • A lot more hints/tooltips in the product for a smoother workflow


  • No problems with parallel installed Kunena forum component
  • Upper-case email addresses are correctly compared during mail sender check
  • Copyright footer is removed in all replies
  • Attempt to store attachments in non-writable folder does not cause infinite loop
  • Subscriber Form: Correct unsubscription submission text
  • Subscriber Form: List names can be hidden
  • Attachments are deleted when mail is deleted
  • Attachments of emails from Apple Mail are not dropped
  • Configuration (prev. "Parameters") now accessible by all backend users, not only super admin
  • CSV import works with files having Mac line endings
  • Database collation problems are identified, auto-fix provided with link in Start Center

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