• New text variables: recipient name and email. Pre-condition: the send mode "one email per recipient" needs to be used
  • "Add to user group on subscribing" feature for subscriber plugin and module
  • Pro edition: Export users/recipients to CSV file
  • Danish (big thanks to Josef Slot), Slovenian (big thanks to Ervin Bizjak) and Japanese (big thanks to Norito H. Yoshida) translation added


  • New "Open mailbox timeout" setting of 20 seconds which can be changed in Mailster's configuration
  • Active mailing lists are reactivated after updating the component
  • Email attachments are stored in a configurable folder (not limited to Joomla's tmp folder anymore)
  • Log files do not contain Joomla's deprecated messages
  • Languages now included: EN, DE, FR, DK, SI and JP


  • Fixed rare occurrences of removed subjects and subject prefixes
  • Profile Plugin takes care of removing a user's email address from all mailing lists after the corresponding Joomla user was removed in the backend
  • Bounces containing non-empty Return-Pathes like <MAIL-DAEMON> are blocked
  • Emails resent contain original attachments
  • Notifications are also triggered for Double Opt-In subscribe/unsubscribe events
  • "500 Line length exceeded" errors are avoided
  • Support for mailbox user/login names longer than 45 characters in the GUI
  • GCalendar version compatibility warning corrected for Joomla 1.5
  • Greek (ISO-8859-7), Japanese (ISO-2022-JP) and Baltic (ISO-8859-13) charsets are correctly parsed

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