• Allow to block emails based on domain and/or host name and/or top-level-domain (examples: *@mail.ru, sales@*.in) in global filter settings
  • Auto-correct some special cases where the text editor screw up the HTML-based unsubscribe URLs


  • De-selecting "Allowed to send/post" restricted settings (e.g. admin) works
  • Subscriber plugin shows unsubscribe forms correctly again
  • Fix issue with non-breaking spaces (UTF-8 character C2A0) by replacing it with HTML entity
  • Inline images send by iPhone/iPad Mail Clients show up correctly in Mailster's mails
  • Make subscribe/unsubscribe plugin and module work again on Joomla 2.5
  • CB Plugin: user group sync works when a readonly field is used
  • Fix some notices when working with digests


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