A big step forward

We are very happy to announce the release of Mailster 1.0. Although the release version 1.0 might indicate it is a complete new product everyone familiar with Mailster knows it has been in development since 2010 and that there were more than 15 public releases since the first release named 0.1.0.

Mailster 1.0 is the result of further development on the existing product bringing in many long-awaited features, improvements and bug fixes.

Mailster product boxes


New Product Editions / Mailster Professional discontinued

With reaching this milestone we decided to discontinue Mailster Professional and introduce three new product editions in addition to the existing basic version of Mailster which remains free, of course. This are the four Mailster flavors we offer from now on:

Mailster Free

Mailster Free Logo

50 Subscribers per list3 Mailing Lists Backend Email ArchiveX X X X X No Technical Support

Mailster Essential

Mailster Essential Logo

100 Subscribers per list10 Mailing ListsBackend Email Archive4x Cronjob runs/hourDouble Opt-InX X X One Year Technical Support

Mailster Business

Mailster Business Logo

1,000 Subscribers per list20 Mailing ListsBackend Email Archive12x Cronjob runs/hourDouble Opt-InFrontend Email ArchiveDigest ModeX One Year Technical Support

Mailster Ultimate

Mailster Ultimate Logo

Unlimited Subscribers per listUnlimited Mailing ListsBackend Email Archive60x Cronjob runs/hourDouble Opt-InFrontend Email ArchiveDigest ModeEnhanced ArchivingOne Year Technical Support


The goal of the new product editions is to provide a cheaper entry price for a more advanced version allowing more recipients than the free edition. Many of our customers are non profits and will benefit from that using the cheapest paid option Mailster Essential. For more advanced use cases we offer Mailster Business and Mailster Ultimate.

You can find information on the differences between the product editions in our pricing overview and a list comparing all of the features.

Professional subsribers get access to Mailster Business

All customers that have an active Mailster Professional subscription were migrated to a membership plan of Mailster Business for the remaing time of their subscription period. This enables them to benefit from the many improvements of the new release while making sure they keep the functionality of the former Professional product edition as all (and more) features are included in Mailster Business.


Feature Highlights

Joomla groups, finally!

You are now able to choose from your Joomla user groups (e.g. "Registered", "Administrator" or any of your custom defined groups) to use them to manage your mailing list subscribers on a group level and also for the list's rights management (e.g. who is allowed to send to list?).

Simply go in Mailster to User Groups >> [ + ] --> "Method 2: Use Joomla group" and choose the groups you want to use for managing recipients and so on. Then, this Joomla groups can be used just the same as the groups of Mailster.

use joomla user groups as mailster groups

Access Management / ACL Support

Mailster now supports the Joomla ACL System to be able to restrict the administrators' permissions.

On a global level you can configure the following permissions:

  • Configure
  • Access Administration Interface
  • Create mailing list
  • Edit mailing list
  • Delete mailing list

Additionally you can manage the following permissions on a per list basis:

  • Edit mailing list
  • Delete mailing list
mailster joomla groups acl

Improved Compatibility

We made sure Mailster still runs on Joomla 1.5, although the 1.5-support will probably dropped early next year. Therefore an upgrade to Joomla 2.5 or 3.3 is recommended. Speaking of: this release runs on Joomla 1.5, Joomla 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3. We have only dropped the support for Joomla 1.6 and 1.7 as these release are outdated and insecure.

mailster joomla 15 25 3x compatible

Email Digest Mode (Mailster Business and Ultimate)

Subscribers can now decide to receive the mailing list messages as daily, weekly or monthly digests.

The admin can edit the digest settings of the subscribers and also enable/disable the digest feature on a mailing list wide level.

mailster edit digest

Daily Digest Article (Mailster Ultimate)

Have Mailster automatically daily archive a digest of the mailing list's discussions into a Joomla article.

cb digest article archiving


Mailster Cronjob Service - now included in all paid version

Due to the way PHP applications like Joomla/Mailster work you need an external trigger to do periodic tasks (like email retrieval and sending). For this we offer the Mailster Cronjob Service which is now included in all paid versions.

Mailster Free

Mailster Free Logo
No Cronjob Service included

You can purchase one of our Cronjob Services also for a Mailster free installations.

Mailster Essential

Mailster Essential Logo
incl. 1 Year Basic Cronjob Service

With this service the cronjob runs every 15 minutes / 4 times per hour.

Mailster Business

Mailster Business Logo
incl. 1 Year Power Cronjob Service

With this service the cronjob runs every 5 minutes / 12 times per hour.

Mailster Ultimate

Mailster Ultimate Logo
incl. 1 Year Sprint Cronjob Service

With this service the cronjob runs every minute / 60 times per hour.



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