We are happy to share that we just released Mailster v1.4.1.

Block Spammers with Wildcard-Addresses

We have made improvements to the "Blocked Email Addresses" feature which is a global setting (cross all your mailing lists) to protect you from SPAM. Previously you could already block single email addresses and email addresses begining with a certain phrase.

mailster settings blocked email addresses

In order to make this even more flexible, we now also allow more flexible wildcard addresses.

Wildcard means, that only a part of the sender address has to be match - the domain and/or the local part (the name before the @-character) is checked for.

One example is the wildcard address *mail.ru - this mean, that all email addresses ending with @mail.ru will be filtered out.

Another example is the wildcard address no-reply@* - this means that all email addresses that start with no-reply@ will not be forwarded.

You can also combine this, e.g. *@*.in or *@example.*


Here a brief list of some of the improvements and bug fixes included in Mailster v1.4.1:

  • Auto-correct some special cases where the text editor screw up the HTML-based unsubscribe URLs
  • De-selecting "Allowed to send/post" restricted settings (e.g. admin) works
  • Subscriber plugin shows unsubscribe forms correctly again
  • Inline images send by iPhone/iPad Mail Clients show up correctly in Mailster's mails
  • CB Plugin: user group sync works when a readonly field is used

More Improvements

Read about the other improvements and bug fixes in our Mailster changelog.

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