We are happy to announce the release of Mailster v1.3.2.

It is mainly a bugfix release but also brings various improvements for better performance, compatibility and usability.
Below some of the highlights, the full list can be found in the changelog.

CSV Import

We made our CSV import a little smarter so that the algorithm detects the most typical file formats automatically.
Furthermore it warns the user when the CSV file is too large to be processed at once.

Performance Improvements

High traffic lists which have a send limit (like 100 emails per hour) in place may end up with larger email queues at any given time. In previous version that could lead to situations where the (daily / weekly / monthly) digests where not send out in the defined schedule.
To avoid this Mailster now alternates between sending emails and digests as a first step in each send run.

PHP 7.0 Compatibility

The PHP 7.0 version issues messages warning about functionality that may be unsupported in future versions.
These are not critical in any way but we made an effort to change the code to avoid the messages being issued.

Translation Updates

Because of a glitch, the German translation became unavailble in the last release.
Besides fixing this, the new release updates the French and Dutch translation.

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