Yes, it is that time again! After five months of development and testing, we at Brandt OSS are proud to announce the latest stable release, Mailster version 1.1!

Overview & Numbers

The new release brings:

  • 6 new features
  • 6 improvements
  • 11 bug fixes

The full list of changes can be read in the changelog, for the most important changes read on.

Joomla 1.5 EOL approaching

Version 1.1 makes Mailster fully compatible with Joomla 3.4 while it does not break compatibility with Joomla 1.5, 2.5 and 3.x.
Only Joomla 1.6 and 1.7 are not supported anymore.

We have decided that Mailster 1.1 is the last release for Joomla 1.5 as over 90% of our customer base is on either Joomla 2.5 or on 3.x.
Therefore we will remove the 1.5-specific code in the next release.

Sender Filtering

In some situations Mailster receives emails that are automatically generated (e.g. out-of-office notifications, bounce email notifications) and which therefore are not considered relevant and thus are not forwarded to the mailing list.

blocked email addresses configurationWhile most of these emails contain attributes that make them identifiable as such automatic generated emails, some email server generating that emails fail to include such attributes.
In that situation Mailster is in trouble as there are no indications that the emails should better not get forwarded and are regarded as "real messages". This might lead to situations where the forwarded email will produce the next notification and such a never-ending email loop is produced.

To cope with this difficult situation the new release introduces a configuration setting where you can put in the source addresses of such unwanted automatic emails to block those senders.

Community Builder 2.0

community builder + mailster business and mailster ultimateBoth the Business edition and the Ultimate edition of Mailster feature a CB Bridge Plugin for the well-known social extension Community Builder.

With this release Mailster integrates with the brand new Community Builder version 2.0.

The plugin enables the synchronization based on the CB user profile status as well as to (un)subscribe users through changing the value of CB user profile fields.

Learn more about the synchronization capabilities on the CB Bridge Plugin documentation.

Prevent Access To Frontend Archive

forbid access to frontend emailsIn some cases you may want to block the access to the frontend email archive that is included in the Business & Ultimate edition.
For that there is a new mailing list specific setting to forbid the access to the list's emails.

Important Bug Fixes

In the previous release a glitch was introduced where the recipient list was not built correctly from Joomla user group members. This is now working as expected, again.

For the other bug fixes and other improvements read the changelog of version 1.1.

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